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Skip Covers

Our Genesis industrial skip covers can be made to any size you like. 

Our coated mesh covers are robust and have tough webbing straps for the cord to run through instead of eyelets which can be rubbish (no pun intended).  With sufficient cord (10m) to ensure there is plenty to wrap round strategic places to keep the net in place if skips are full to the brim (or over-full as they often are).

Picture shows the 8.5ft x 6.5ft cover

We have some standard sizes to purchase from but as everyone knows skips can be very different in size and so we also have a made to measure service for those that need something different.

If you know the size you require you can purchase directly from the link below.  This will open a retail link for you and the prices are trade prices with pack size options.  Purchase a single cover or a pack of two or four for discounts.  We hope these prices are acceptable but if you are a wholesaler or wish to buy in bulk, please contact us for details. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Example: Single 8.5ft x 6.5ft cover is £34.99, pack of two covers £64 (£32 each) and a pack of four covers is £120 (£30 each




Picture shows the 8.5ft x 6.5ft cover

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