Sea Fishing Tripod Nets

Midwater Sea Fishing Tripod Nets Midwater Sea Fishing Tripod Nets

This is a universally fitting sea fishing tripod net.  RRP £9.99

Our sea fishing tripod nets are suitable for any shaped leg tripod due to a unique fastening material similar to hook and loop that fastens to itself (like velcro). Made in England to the highest attainable standards these tripod nets are sure to be a winner with sea anglers and can be made to any size you desire.

The standard size of our Midwater Tripod Nets are 36cm triangular with a depth of 10cm for storage.  If you desire customised sizes or under your own logo, please contact us for details.

IF YOU ARE A SEA ANGLER LOOKING TO PURCHASE ONE OF OUR TRIPOD NETS contact us for your nearest stockist or click here to visit a sponsored retail partner.  Other online and high street retailers available.

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