Genesis Pet Mattresses

Genesis Dog/Pet Mattresses and cover sets are available in a wide range of ready made sizes however custom sizes can be made.  


If your customer is looking for a specific size for a doorway, alcove, top of stairs or even a corner (equilateral triangle) situation, we can manufacture to suit.

The mattresses are a special density foam which is 2 inches (5cm) in thickness covered in a water-proof, robust nylon.  These are very easy to wipe clean and will support the weight of even the largest of breeds in complete comfort.
Covers are made from top quality 100% polyester polar fleece and have zip closures.  These will machine wash time and time again and are very quick drying.  Available in a huge range of colours but if you have a colour or pattern in mind please contact us and we will make every effort to match it.
Separate spare covers are also sold individually and come packed in clip hanger bags for ease of display.  
Average size requests: 18" x 30", 30" x 30", 30"x 36", 48" x 30"
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