Sea Fishing Tripod Nets

This is a universally fitting sea fishing tripod net.

Our sea fishing tripod nets are suitable for any shaped leg tripod due to a unique fastening material similar to hook and loop that fastens to itself (like velcro). Made in England to the highest attainable standards these tripod nets are sure to be a winner with sea anglers and can be made to any size you desire.

The standard size of our Midwater Tripod Nets are 36cm triangular with a depth of 10cm for storage.  If you desire customised sizes or under your own logo, please contact us for details.





Genesis Air Rifle & Gun Cases

Genesis can make cases/slips to your own size requirements.  Like the example below we can manufacture fully opening cases or standard closed cases or even 3/4 length zips etc.  We are at your service and can consider any design you may have in mind.
If you are looking for a standard air rifle slip for instance then we have just the one............
The Genesis standard air rifle case is 52 inch long and will accommodate the vast majority of modern air rifles.  Constructed to be 10 inches at the widest point this case will house the majority of rifles without having to remove the scope. 
Constructed from a top quality, coated and highly durable, woven outer the case is shower-proof and fully padded to assist in the protection of rifle and scope.  Also fully lined in water proofed nylon the case is very easy to clean and is a stylish and practical piece of shooting luggage.  Fully adjustable shoulder straps but you could customise with small carry handles.
Designed specifically with the shooters comfort in mind.  The case has an all-round industrial zip closure and is designed to open out and be laid fully flat.  This can then be utilised as a kneeling mat or something padded to sit upon if the ground /hide is damp.   
Green, blue or black colours as standard.  Others by request.

Genesis Specimen Carp Unhooking Mats

Genesis Specimen Carp Unhooking Mats are 3ft x 3ft large unhooking mats capable of accommodating the largest specimens.

The mats have a zip closure and can also be used as a utility bag on the way to and from the venue.

Constructed from a top quality, coated and highly durable, woven polyester the mat is shower-proof. Lined in coated nylon this piece of luggage is very easy to clean.  
Green or black colour (interior or exterior) available.  Others by request.







Genesis Catfish Unhooking Mats

Genesis standard Catfish care mats are available in any size to suit your needs.


Typical produced sizes.

Euro size 84" x 30" x 2" 

UK size 65" x 24" x 1.5" 


Genesis Catfish Mats have hook and loop secured flaps as standard.

The mats are manufactured to be tri-fold closed and secured by two elasticated straps.


Green or black colours available.  Others by request.



Genesis Fishing Unhooking Mats

Genesis standard unhooking fish care mats are available in any size to suit your needs.


Carp Unhooking Mats or Pike Unhooking Mats


Average fish care mats for the fishing industry however, currently measure 3ft x 1.5ft x 1inch with d-ring pegging down points.
Green or black colours available.  Others by request.




Genesis Fly Fishing Wallet

Genesis Fly Fishing Wallets are a textile (coated nylon) wallet with a faux lambskin inner.


Softer than lambskin the specialist spun polyester lining is kinder to hook points and dries much quicker.

Standard Fly Fishing Wallets measure approximately 9.5 inches by 4 inches and are bound with a fully opening zip closure.
Made to measure sizes upon request.

Fishing Seatbox Cushions

Wondering where you can get a replacement seatbox cushion?  Struggling to find a cushion for an old seat box?


Our fishing seatbox cushions can be made to any length, width or depth size specification. Retailers and wholesale read on.


ANGLERS LOOKING TO BUY A REPLACEMENT CUSHION  Click here for one of our retail partners.


Our cushions are manufactured here in the North West using high quality seating density foam which is covered in a robust coated nylon. These British made cushions are the best quality products in the fishing industry and are 5cm in depth as standard unlike many of the mass-produced overseas made and imported products.  If you require deeper cushions, we can make to any size you desire.


Standard colour is black but other colours available for wholesale orders.


Standard sizes available to order.


30cm x 38cm x 5cm,

28cm x 42cm x 5cm,

48cm x 31cm x 5cm

These sizes match the majority of seatboxes currently on the market.  If you have a different size requirement however we are happy to quote.

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